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Digital Performance Report June 2021 Edition

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A deeper understanding of various channels and their performance in 2021

In the newest iteration of our Digital Performance Report, we explore how the diversification of advertising opportunities and our performance-first mindset has made us uniquely positioned to unite brand and performance initiatives. This approach enables us to drive growth in a way while also building brands like never before. We also weigh in on how brands can find the balance between optimism and caution as we move toward the post-pandemic future.

This report offers key takeaways from Paid and Organic Search, Shopping, Paid Social, Marketplace & Retailer Optimization, and Display, and analyzes data from iProspect’s portfolio of brands in the US to help you to build the foundations for future business success moving forward.

Key report insights:

Search demand is a powerful indicator of what is expected to be an economic boom. 
The start of 2021 highlights Paid Search as a crucial tactic in easing the reopening boom. Searches containing “near me” are reaching record highs across many verticals, indicating a large amount of interest which is being closely followed by in-person store visits.
Heavier investment in Local Inventory Ads (LIAs) as stores start to reopen.
While we expect more consumers to return to in-store to make purchases, innovations introduced during the pandemic are here to stay – buy online, pick-up in-store (BOPIC), curbside annotations in ads, and mobile purchases are elements that marketers should continue to account for in future planning.
Consumers readying for a return to normalcy. 
As vaccine accessibility expands, search demand for “delivery” has started to decrease while interest for “travel” has steadily increased.
Diversification in retail marketplace opportunities.
The pandemic has given way to new contenders and brick-and-mortar retailers competing with Amazon for ecommerce market share. Brands poised to make the most out of their retail media should pay close attention to emerging platforms and offerings.
Third-party cookie deprecation remains a core focus for all players within the digital ecosystem.
Across our clients we have already seen spend against first-party and second-party data increase. When comparing Q1 YoY, first-party data and second-party spend rose 26% and 49% respectively.

Digital Performance Report June 2021 Edition | iProspect US

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