Seamless Linking to Your App with iOS 9

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Apple's iOS 9 beta will feature their new Universal App Search feature, helping searchers find valuable content inside apps.

The majority of people discover content by searching on the web. Search engine traffic and SEO are primary drivers of new user discovery. App users are typically more valuable consumers to a specific brand or business because in most cases they have higher engagement levels. It’s now more important than ever to make your content available across web and apps in the manner in which people want to consume it.

Apple recently released iOS 9 into beta, meaning that the updated operating system will be rolled out to millions of Apple device consumers. There are a ton of new features in iOS 9 that will create new opportunities for digital marketers, including Universal App Search. This new feature will help users find content inside apps by way of deep links. Universal Links fall under the larger Search initiative in iOS 9, which encompasses Safari, Siri, Spotlight, local apps, and even apps that aren't installed on a device. 

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