No Boundaries ≠ No Rules: Marketing to Today’s Digital Teen

Marketers need to focus on developing the most relevant content that helps teens make a statement about themselves or inspires them to share with others.

Teens are loyal to content, not its channel or schedule. They are consuming entertainment in myriad of ways – on cable, Netflix, and tablet – they are also tweeting, chatting, and texting about what they’re currently watching. While teen media preferences and behaviors may appear as an anarchy of random actions and associations, there are recognizable patterns. Within this layered personal and social ecosystem, brands are looking to make relevant, lasting connections with teens. Discover how to better reach this elusive teen demographic through content marketing.

This whitepaper unveils the findings of an independent study, including:

  • The digital landscape from a teen's perspective
  • Social media facts and figures related to teen media usage 
  • Five tips to sparking valuable conversations through engaging content

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