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Paid Search Trends 2015 Q2

The gap closes between mobile and computer spend.

iProspect’s second quarter, year-over-year (2014/2015) Google AdWords data showed the gap between mobile device spend continues to edge closer, with spend on computers now making up just 60% of total search spend.  Mobile search activity continues to grow rapidly, recording a 76% search spend increase over Q2 2014. 

Spend on paid search in Q2 2015 grew by 11% YoY, following a trend of linear growth over the past few quarters. The quality of the click continues to trumps the quantity, but quality comes at a higher price.

We expect Google and Bing to continue leveraging the declared intent of keywords and in turn, offering advertisers new vertical-specific ad units that are even more relevant. Here we take a closer look at Q2 performance across three key verticals: Retail, Consumer Electronics and Travel.

In iProspect’s 2015 2nd Quarter Paid Search Trends Report, we dig into the data, representing more than 135,000 active campaigns across iProspect's client base and analyze what it means for advertisers today.  


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