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Paid Search Trends 2015 Q1

Searchers are mobile; advertisers should follow.

iProspect’s first quarter, year-over-year (2014/2015) Google AdWords data showed strong growth for smartphones in terms of both impressions and clicks. When combined, smartphones and tablets now make up 30% of overall impressions and 46% of clicks. In categories like retail, consumer electronics and travel, searches on computers and tablets are down YoY, while smartphone performance is skyrocketing.

Consistent growth across all key metrics for smartphones and tablets indicates that searchers have made the shift to mobile—and advertisers are following their audience.  

Driving much of this activity and shift is Google’s focus on mobile. Their latest algorithm update just went into effect and impacts all mobile searches in every language. Essentially it means businesses need to deliver a seamless experience and easy access to information on their website, regardless of the device the visitor is on.

In iProspect’s 2015 1st Quarter Paid Search Trends Report, we dig into the data, representing more than 135,000 active campaigns across iProspect's client base and analyze what it means for advertisers today.  

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