Improving awareness by building their search share of voice

The Challenge

Although Lenovo is a global market leader, and at the time number two in PC shipments worldwide, their search visibility was trailing behind their competitors’. Lenovo partnered with iProspect to improve their search share of voice and bring their search presence more in line with what their real market presence is – a true leader.

Their two primary objectives were to:

  • Close the gap between Lenovo and the competition in natural search share of voice; become the leading brand in three years.
  • Increase first page visibility for target non-branded keywords in the awareness and consideration phases of the purchase funnel, and increase natural search traffic for select target markets.

The Results

  • +40%

    natural search visits

  • +153%

    Page one visibility for target non-brand keywords

  • +40%

    revenue in target markets

During the first six months of the engagement, Lenovo saw dramatic improvements in non-brand exposure (natural share of voice).  Not only did page one visibility increase dramatically, CTRs jumped considerably as well due to the implementation of rich-snippets and tested/proven ad-copy.


The initial execution of the program focused heavily on building a search “Center of Excellence” within the Lenovo organization. Local training and governance classes helped to educate stakeholders in nearly every department on why, and how to incorporate search into their everyday business management process. Once buy-in and training had been established, Lenovo and iProspect executed localized on-page optimization in select markets, leveraging local resources and knowledge.

Previous testing within the paid search channel guided our on-page optimization efforts around copywriting and keyword selection, and on-page optimization was very data-centric. Many new landing pages were developed and launched to help plug any gaps in content.

Robust, targeted content marketing efforts supported Lenovo’s goals, primarily focused on the creation and distribution of infographics and videos through Lenovo’s existing social spaces. Content Marketing initiatives focused on compelling topics for power users of laptop and PC devices. Content pieces were naturally shared and eventually picked up and placed on 100′s of ccTLDs.