Case Study Controlauto


Find out how we redefined the brand image of Controlauto and how a new and optimized digital platform was designed to easy the vehicle inspection procedure booking process.

The Challenge

Controlauto - Vehicle inspection
Founded in 1993, Controlauto (Brisa Group), provides automotive inspection services across 46 centers throughout Portugal. 

Controlauto offers online inspection bookings, along with “Controlauto Drive”, a service that will pick up your car, inspect it and then return it to your chosen address.

However, the rise of the average vehicle lifespan has turned this into an attractive market for new players.

In this context and with a tightly regulated sector, Controlauto’s resolve to maintain its leadership only became fiercer. 

Goals and Results

  • +93.5%

    Engagement Rate

  • +10.6%

    Website Convertions

  • 2,949%

    Campaign ROI

To address the brand needs, there were some internal challenges that need to be addressed such as an inconsistent communication across the different users touch-points, having obsolete digital assets and new acquisition channels cannibalizing more profitable ones.

The strategy was based in four pillars: the creation of a new brand image; the development of a new and optimized digital platform with an optimized vehicle inspection booking process; the consolidation of the brand's social media strategy and presence; and the development of specific paid Media strategies in both Paid Search and Social Media.





Renew the Brand itself, founded on Consumer Studies and engagement analysis of the current users.


The need to have a strong digital presence and the best practices required for this channel were also taken into consideration, along with the brand's principles: 

  • Safety;
  • Professionalism,
  • Proximity,
  • Readiness.

  • Segurança.
  • Profissionalismo,
  • Proximidade,
  • Rapidez.


  • Segurança.
  • Profissionalismo,
  • Proximidade,
  • Rapidez.


  • Segurança.
  • Profissionalismo,
  • Proximidade,
  • Rapidez.




A clear and defined website structure has been developed with the support of SEO analysis, traffic history, UX analysis and conversions.


The new website’s creative proposal, based on the new brand look & feel, as well as the inspection booking process has been build as a result of these insights, and taking into consideration the client’s main objective – online bookings.

As a result, the website focus is an efficiency booking process with an even user experience, regardless of the device or the origin of the user.

Website Controlauto - icones
Social Media Controlauto


 A new positioning implies a shift in the tone and manner by which Controlauto communicates on its Facebook page. As it became a channel for direct communication with users, it had to convey proximity, rather than being simply a tool to maximize conversions.

By fostering user interaction with the brand, maintaining a line of communication that became constant, assertive and relevant, we established a professional stance and actively promoted road safety on Portuguese roads, while maximizing conversions.


Active campaigns in Paid Search became more relevant to users, since they started directly meeting their needs.

By developing call-to-action copywriting and having landing pages specifically tailored to user requests, improvements were felt instantly.

Because we created single pages for each inspection centre, the campaigns were customized according to the users proximity, leading them directly into the closest centre, therefore cutting steps off the conversion funnel.



Controlauto - Estratégia de Paid Search