iProspect Leverages Facebook to Deliver Search-Powered Social Solutions

Austin, TX (April 24, 2014) – Yesterday afternoon at the 2014 iProspect Client Summit, Blake Chandlee, Vice President Global Partnerships at Facebook and Jeremy Cornfeldt, US President at iProspect, exchanged ideas about the synergy between search and digital media, together with marketers from some of the largest brands in the world.

Chandlee and Cornfeldt argued that it’s time for marketers to harness strong, specialized search capabilities and transfer that knowledge to digital platforms, embracing the idea that digital and search work better together. Search-Powered Social is about leveraging the power of intent signals from a ‘pull’ medium like search, and then scaling them up using a powerful ‘push’ medium like Facebook, to drive business results.

A recent study by Kenshoo found that Facebook advertising boosts paid search return on ad spend by 30 percent, providing strong evidence that Facebook advertising delivers additional benefit as a performance-driver when run alongside paid search.

In another recent analysis by Marin Software of 200 enterprise advertisers, search campaigns that are managed alongside digital advertising campaigns have 26% higher revenue per click than search campaigns managed in isolation, and advertisers have 68% higher revenue per conversion from their search campaigns when they are managed together with social advertising campaigns.

To drive these benefits of integration, iProspect launched “Search-Powered Social” at the Client Summit, and explained how to utilize data captured via paid search through Facebook’s Website Custom Audiences offering. This allows marketers to build lookalike audiences on Facebook, which target segments resembling a brand’s most loyal consumers.

“As leaders in the digital space, our clients trust us to see around the corner, act faster, and dare to be bolder,” said Cornfeldt. “The keyword is a powerful indication of intent, and when combined with Facebook activity it helps us track high value customers for our clients, and serve those customers the right messages at the right time – whether via search or digital, or both. By combining search with Facebook, we strive to deliver an improved advertising experience for the consumer.”

“iProspect understands how different tactics can be combined to create a solution that’s greater than the sum of its parts” said Chandlee. “It’s a smart move to utilize Facebook to retarget consumers who didn’t convert via initial search campaigns, and we believe it will be effective for many marketers looking to boost the results of their search campaigns.”

The iProspect Client Summit is an annual gathering of some of the most influential marketers in the country from a variety of verticals, research and industry pundits. The Summit’s purpose is to explore the latest cutting edge technology and innovation, as well as strategies and tactics for effective marketing. In today’s fragmented media space, boundaries have been drastically expanded, providing opportunities for those willing to explore the leading edge of performance media. At this year’s Summit at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort, the event kicked-off with an inspiring talk from National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year, Alastair Humphreys, who inspired guests to explore beyond their boundaries.

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