Nokia 1020

Capturing photos no other smartphone can do.


How do we make target consumers think that no other smartphone can take high-quality and standout photos as the Lumia 1020?
Ara Abines

The Opening Act is now the Main Act.  Hobbyist photographers who own DSLR cameras need a second camera that they can take around with them and use daily. This camera used to be the point-and-shoot, but that has suddenly changed. The smartphone has become the go to camera for most, however, resolution, picture quality, and functionality of the smartphone camera has never been good.  Enter the Nokia Lumia 1020.  With 41 megapixels of resolution, manual control functions, and a bevy of other professional features, your main camera is now your smartphone.

Strategy: Make them feel surprised by the technology and get them curious to know more.

 Following a similar beat of Nokia USA where professional photographer Steven Alvarez takes a Lumia 1020 on a shooting tour of the Grand Canyon, iProspect PH partnered with  the country’s top professional photographers to execute, take beautiful and interesting photos with the Lumia 1020; create a video that features top street photographers on a photo walk using the phone live in action; and, seed the snapped images in various social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

"I can easily see myself using Lumia 1020 on my travel
Christian Sangoyo Digital Photographer