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AMMA Awards 2017 - Best Media Performance

AMMA Awards 2017 - Advertiser of the year

Dutch Interactive Awards 2017 - Best Campaign


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When Dutch people go on vacation they are always afraid of high mobile costs. Tele2 research shows the fear for data roaming. Six out of ten Dutchies immediately switch off their mobile data when crossing the border. With the introduction of the cheapest mobile roaming deals in The Netherlands, Tele2 shows these fear is no longer necessary. Tele2 offers international roaming deals, €10 for 1GB . For Tele2, the goal was two folded: How do you achieve a great way of storytelling and tell people that don’t have to be afraid of high roaming costs by using the new Tele2 deals. Second, don’t lose the fun revel image of Tele2. This all resulted in the main goal, upsell of the roaming deals.

'' The shared goal of +15% upsell of Tele2 roaming deals has been completed. ''


To present this in an interesting way, Tele2 and INDIE made a campaign video, Vive la Internet. During the summer holiday season we followed a typical Dutch family on their way to France. Totally surprised they arrived in a completely rebuilt French village on the Route du Soleil, which was transformed into a miniature version of the Netherlands, with common brands, shops and even our national icon Frans Bauer. In this village they could stream data endlessly, like home.

The roaming ads were designed in the look&feel of popular holiday destinations for Dutch people. The specific roaming ads were displayed on mobile when people crossed the border.

Online media Social: Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Blogs / content platforms: Vice, The Pin, Dumpert, Upcoming, Nu.nl/reizen, Viva, Linda.tv, Froot.nl, Mindshakes. Offline media Out of home pillar ads at the Dutch border regions showed the attractive roaming deals. Even in the abroad version of De Telegraaf were Tele2 roaming ads.

Innovation & Solution

Likeable content in combination with a smart media strategy made the Tele2 roaming campaign an instant hit. The combination of an attractive campaign video with the use of research, a national celebrity, editorial attention and paid advertising, resulted in high brand engagement and a unique media strategy.

Case Study - Vive la Internet

Tele2 shows in the Roaming campaign that you can also use internet abroad as if you are at home.