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Find efficiency improvements in the current strategy so that we can match the right products with the right customers at the right time. To:

1. Realize 10% improvement in CTR;

2. 30% improvement in Conversion Ratio;

3. 40% improvement in sales.


CTR due to higher relevance


Conversion ratio due to more relevant products and keywords


We clearly show that it is essential to have a holistic marketing approach. The strength of PPC is not in specific platforms, but in the cross platform optimizing PPC. Because of this we have achieved fantastic results and given consumers a truly omni channel experience.

Growth in sales



Under Armour had the challenge of making e-commerce more customer centric and in particular making their retail and media strategy more integrated on Amazon. There were two challenges; 1) Improving product detail pages on Amazon by improving customer trust through reviews and unique content. 2) Analysing the current strategy and finding efficiencies to ensure customers find the product that they are in market to purchase.


1. Through data analysis across multiple channels, iProspect found new opportunities for gender-specific and sports category searches (e.g. men's golf shorts); 2. Using search data from Amazon and Google, we built a very granular account structure for five European markets that allows for more focus on the campaigns to function as sharply as possible and thereby increase the relevance of high volume categories; 3. Through Kenshoo we have created more than 1,000 Amazon campaigns that have been rolled out within a few weeks; 4. By strategically using the various Amazon campaign types for brand protection and we were ubiquity. This allowed Under Armour to be at the forefront of potential consumers; 5. Tests of different bid formulas for ROAS allowed us to maximize campaign sales and revenue while remaining profitable.

About Under Armour

Founded in 1996 in Baltimore, Under Armour is now the 4th sports brand in the world. The mission of Under Armour is to let the athlete perform better through inexhaustible passion, progressive designs and always striving for innovative solutions.


A customer centric approach to Amazon Shopping

Under Armour needed a customer centric approach to provide relevance & efficiency