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AkzoNobel is a Dutch multinational leading company in manufacturing paints and coatings worldwide. Their SEO challenge is mainly focused around migrating local websites to a new global platform to improve their performance and consolidate their global and local presence. iProspect had to create a scalable and efficient way of working in order to achieve AkzoNobel’s targets within a strict timeframe. Bridging the gap between the client and their external development partner was another significant challenge that had to be overcome, in order to deliver on time and within budget.


Succesful migrations to the global platform within a year


Optimized future-proof global platform


Global organic growth for the consumer markets


Increase organic traffic YoY (Consumers - Netherlands)​​


Strategy & Execution

​iProspect’s strategy consisted of multiple steps to make sure global efficiency, scalability and parallel projects were all considered. Firstly, iProspect created a clear way of working for migrating local websites to the new global platform by having three stages of checks that are directly being communicated to the external development team to indicate roadblocks quickly. Secondly, iProspect helped creating a sustainable global platform by incorporating SEO best practices into the CMS requirements, which increased the potential for organic growth. Finally, iProspect has served as a global partner on content insights and optimization for both B2C and B2B markets, making sure the overall global strategy is executed locally.

​With this project, AkzoNobel successfully completed several migrations on a global scale in a timely fashion.​

Business Effect

30+ Successful migrations to the global platform within a year One optimized future-proof global platform 8.2% Global organic growth for the consumer markets 32% Increase organic traffic YoY (Consumers - Singapore) 52% Increase organic traffic YoY (Consumers - Netherlands)​​ 32% Increase organic traffic YoY (Consumers - Spain)

“AkzoNobel has worked with iProspect for many years already both at global and local levels (such as within Benelux, UK & Nordics). However, over the past 18 months AkzoNobel wanted to progress towards having a true global partner for all of Digital Marketing across the company. This meant that a new commercial contract was collaboratively negotiated with terms specific to each AkzoNobel region for future potential activities with local iProspect offices. It also meant that new processes and deliverables were agreed globally with the iProspect NL team, to ensure maximum efficiencies on a continuous delivery perspective in Amsterdam. Overall this step-change has led to iProspect not just being an external agency, but an invested partner who share the same objectives.”

Lewis Alderson

CRM Marketing Manager​​ at AkzoNobel

Improving organic performance for AkzoNobel

30+ succesfull migrations on a global scale in a timely fashion