Paid Social

How We Do It

Paid Social management is best executed as a stand-alone discipline in and of itself, rather than being part of another buy such as display. We know social advertising can be all things to all people – everything from pinpoint direct response buys to major broadcast campaigns. Our expertise means we span all of these possibilities, taking an integrated approach no matter the objective.

How It Works

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Creative Strategy

With ad units for every business objective, from static display to performance video, creative strategy is critical for success. Our deep content capability enables us to develop broader content strategies to improve paid social performance where needed. 

Measurement sophistication

Defining the right success metrics is crucial. Working with key partners, we lead the way in measuring beyond views and shares to understand how a campaign changed consumer perceptions. 

Platform expertise

There is no single solution to Paid Social. Rather, unlocking its opportunities requires dedicated specialism in the various proprietary platforms social networks have built. 

Technology empowerment

Technology partnerships are key to navigating the scale of Paid Social and automating tasks from creative asset management to reporting, allowing us to spend more time driving incremental performance. 


What We Do

The average person spends more than two hours a day on social media, the fastest moving channel in media. We enable clients to navigate these gigantic, noisy networks, safely unlocking the promise of their audience data to achieve business goals.

Our clients benefit from more than market-leading performance. As we enjoy Tier 1 partnership status with every major social platform, our clients have first-to-market access to testing and unique audience data, as well as deep collaboration with engineers, creatives and strategists. Leveraging various first-party and third-party data sources, we create audience-first strategies that can be activated directly through social platforms, enabling us to reach individuals on a one-to-one basis, at scale, with zero loss of fidelity.