Video Optimisation


Just as paid search is about more than clicks, video is more than views.  We prove the right person saw the content by serving your video assets at the moment of truth, compelling action and delivering measurable results.

iProspect Studio

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Visit the iProspect Studio website (in Dutch). Experts in display, video & mobile.

Service from media strategy until the development of the most beautiful digital display-, video- and mobile ads.

Our Approach

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    Applying the same rigor and granularity as with Paid Search, we drive measurable exposure and incremental reach through our channel selection.

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    We focus on audiences, not views; and, building true brand connections with a combination of consumer, context and keyword targeting.

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    We reach customers across devices, tracking and optimizing at every stage.

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    It all comes back to KPIs. We only spend where (and when) we know you’ll get the most value and post-view results.