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Branding & Performance "Connecting the D.O.T.S" event report

‘Branding & Performance – Connecting the D.O.T.S’ | event report

On Tuesday, March 31 more than 50 advertisers plus the specialists of iProspect and Carat came together to talk and discuss about one specific topic: how to connect the worlds of Branding and Performance. Actively working on the D.O.T.S. (Data/ Organisation/ Tools/ Strategy) leads  to a better, integrated and future proof interpretation of marketing communication. Putting the client first, making use of and connecting the available data, implementing proper technology and taking care of a joint goal and base are important themes to take into account. During this day thinkers in the fields of Brand and Performance where challenged to get out of their comfort zones.

Mark van Dijk and Sander Fauth kicked-off the day  with a presentation on "Branded Commerce", in which the separation between brand versus performance communication was undone. To illustrate this, they shared a number of interesting examples of brands which have bridged the gap between branding and performance(see the slides, video 1 and video 2). After this Niki van Wijk elaborated on the D.O.T.S theme; Data, Organization, Technology and Strategy. Why are these still the key aspects which define the way of working of both agencies as advertisers?(Checkout the slides).

The partner presentations where given by two men who have both earned their spurs in the playing fields of both digital and traditional media.

- Fernando Campos, Director of Business Development & Strategies at Microsoft, outlined the key elements of a digital business approach by using a compelling case study of Real Madrid (see slides). One of his key-insights  showed that the value of a player can now be determined by reference to his influence on social media. These kind of insights are the base for reaching Real Madrid fans around the world with the right offer.
- Joris Merks, Head of Digital Transformation at Google, pointed out that we have to work with data experts, strategists and creatives to exploit the right opportunities. Think long-term, multi-channel and always on, tell only relevant stories and dare to experiment on a larger scale (see the slides). 


Fernando Campos - Microsoft

(Annelies Bogaerds & Marianne Tiesinga in collaboration with PostNL)
During the Connecting Data workshop a PostNL case was discussed, which covered what is probably one of the most trending topics of the moment. The amount of data that organizations must gather nowadays has increased tremendously. As a result, it’s often difficult to get actionable insights. During the workshop we collectively went through this problem while using different data elements from different data sources. During this workshop we defined  a comprehensive strategy for different personas  which was based on the insights wall. For this strategy we used insights from Google Analytics, combined with our own research.

(Niki van Wijk & Denis van Leeuwen)
During this inspiring workshop guided by Niki and Denis, several speed dates were organised based on a number of statements. Speaking each other's language and understanding each other's problems were the key themes during this exercise. 

(Jeroen Beeke in collaboration with Relay42, DoubleClick and Adobe
At this workshop a panel of experts in the field of technology engaged in a discussion on how tooling can be used as a basis for integrated marketing. The panel consisted of Tomas Salfischberger (Relay42), Samuel Deth (Adobe) and Goswijn Thijssen (DoubleClick). The discussion clearly showed that there is no holy grail and that each organization has its own interpretation of tooling.


(Olivier van Hees & Anouk van Iperen)
During the Strategy workshop, the main topic was the creation of an integrated marketing strategy. Through the BrandLab exercises, like the one we did at Sanoma, we work towards an integrated marketing strategy where branding and performance come together as much as possible. During the workshop we treated one of the exercises, Get To By, through a case study. Interested in organizing a BrandLab within your own organisation, in order to bring branding & performance strategies together? Please contact us!

Watch the video of the Sanoma BrandLab (English subtitles).

Find a photo impression of this day here.