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How to advertise on millions of products, brands & categories... while aligning to daily inventory?

We Activate, you profit 

Discover a new automatic campaign management tool
• Are you advertising on more than 100 inventory products? 
• Are you wondering how to monetize your full product portfolio?
• Are you looking for ways to increase the efficiency of your search advertising?
• Do you want to spend less time on repetitive tasks?

iActivate is a cutting-edge proprietary SEA / PPC technology that easily creates full advertising accounts from your clients’ inventory data. First, it enhances the inventory feed for imperfections, to ensure maximum quality. Next it takes away standard manual optimization hours that consultants can use to do actual improvements.

What exactly is iActivate?
iActivate helps build out large scale SEA PPC campaigns and specialises in pulling in feeds so that real time inventory can be managed. Most important it is a tool that allows you to advertise millions of product names, categories and prices while staying aligned with your daily inventory levels.

Other benefits of the tool include:
• The platform enables the automation of PPC campaigns
• It is extremely easy to achieve scale for large clients
• Also allows for scale across markets, countries and languages
• Displays up-to-date custom made ads
• It is a combination of an automated and manual management

How does it work?

iActivate Benefits
• Scale to all markets, countries and languages globally
• Scale across Adwords, Bing & Yahoo!
• Finest setup tailor-made for client
• Up to date inventory pricing and availability online
• Works seamlessly with DoubleClick, Marin, Kenshoo, Adform a.o.

People: more time for strategy and improvements, less upkeep
Time: quick scaling across markets, countries and languages
Control: only advertise on available inventory or according to business rules. Easily manage huge accounts.
Results: more revenue, less spend

iActivate was created 12 years ago at iProspect The Netherlands and is still evolving. The service is operated from The Netherlands for 100+ clients, across more than 300 accounts. It ensures a full quality PPC presence across the globe for the biggest brands in the US, UK, The Netherlands and the Nordics.

KLM, Hilton, Thomas Cook, Expert, Billetservice

Curious about how iActivate can drive your business performance? Please contact erdal.kiran@iprospect.com or  iactivate@iprospect.com