Elgiganten: More revenue with less work

A little something for the home

If you’re in the market to buy consumer electronics and household appliances in Scandinavia, you can turn to Elgiganten. The Stockholm-based retailer got its start in 1994 and quickly established itself as the household goods and home electronics market leader in Sweden. Today, customers looking for anything from wine coolers to washing machines can find them online or at one of the company’s brick-and-mortar shops across Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. With over 200,000 people visiting its website daily to view, compare and buy products,1 Elgiganten relies on a solid paid search strategy for success. Competitors were advertising on Elgiganten brand terms, stealing potential customers and driving costs up. Plus, since 2017, the company had increased the number of SKUs online from 10,000 to over 21,000. With such a large inventory of products, the company needed an easy and efficient way to create up-to-date brand and non-brand keywords and campaigns while reaching more consumers, boosting ROI and staying within budget.

"We are more than happy with the results from Bing Ads and iActivate and will continue to invest in our presence on the Bing Network to find even more marketing opportunities." Niko Niva, Digital Marketing Manager, Elgiganten

Easier campaign management

Enter Bing Ads. For Elgiganten, adding Bing Ads to the paid search mix was an easy way to expand the company’s reach to an untapped audience, since the Bing Network accounts for 12.8% of the search market in Sweden. But that wasn’t all. Elgiganten also turned to digital performance marketing agency iProspect Opens in new window to help maximize the volume and reach using the iActivate.
“Implementing iActivate has made it possible to take full advantage of the available search volume on the Bing Network and increase revenue in a fast and simple way,” says Jannicke Tibell, search engine marketing (SEM) specialist at iProspect. “Our close cooperation with the Bing Ads team made it possible for us to implement iActivate in an effective way.”
iProspect uses iActivate to create full advertising accounts on Bing Ads for Elgiganten based on its product inventory data. Templates and rules specify how new ads and keywords are to be created, based on what products are available according to the product feed. This ensures that the paid search ads are always up to date. For example, if Elgiganten sells out its stock of toaster ovens, iActivate will pause all ads on the Bing Network for that product until it’s back in stock. When new products are added to the Elgiganten product feed, new ads and keywords are automatically created in Bing Ads.

A powerhouse combination

The benefits of using Bing Ads and iActivate together have really paid off for Elgiganten. With iActivate, the company has been able to add 2.5 million keywords to its Bing Ads accounts and create product-relevant ads. According to Elgiganten, iActivate has significantly reduced the time it spends on manual work in Bing Ads. The campaigns are easier to manage because the keywords and ads are updated automatically based on the information in the product feed.
Not only has Elgiganten benefited from more efficient and streamlined campaign management, it has also improved ad impressions by 186%. Those impressions have, in turn, improved clicks by over 250% and click-through rates by 22%. Yet, we all know the proof is in conversions. Orders from the Bing Network are up 186% and revenue has increased by 296%. And what about the competitors and their keyword-grabbing? Elgiganten has managed to gain clicks from its competitors, growing its click share on the Bing Network to 59%.
According to Niko Niva, digital marketing manager at Elgiganten, these metrics speak volumes. “We are more than happy with the results from Bing Ads and iActivate and will continue to invest in our presence on the Bing Network to find even more marketing opportunities,” says Niva. Elgiganten has found the winning combination in using Bing Ads and iActivate together to find success in the competitive retail industry.

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