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Automated campaigns with Pinterest together with Albert Heijn

Innovation is an important part of the collaboration between Albert Heijn and Dentsu, ever since we started with this collaboration in the end of 2018. With Social Advertising specialists of Albert Heijn and Dentsu we are constantly looking for new ways and opportunities to be there for Albert Heijn’s customers: innovating and automating advertising improve customer experience while making the process more efficient.


After automating Albert Heijn’s weekly offers on Facebook and Instagram with the help of’s Digital Circular – solution, we spotted the opportunity to be the first in Europe to push the same approach on Pinterest. Pinterest facilitates the ability to reach people who are already in a “cooking” mindset; actively looking for recipes or where to buy these products. 


Moreover, KANTAR analyses proved Pinterest to be a valuable platform for Allerhande, one of Albert Heijn’s sub brands. Together with Dentsu, Albert Heijn emphasizes the importance of Allerhande advertising contributing to the Albert Heijn brand. Hence, combining both Allerhande recipes with Albert Heijn offerings in social ads would be a perfect solution; especially serving it on a platform such as Pinterest where the audience has the right mindset.



With’s Digital Circulars for Pinterest, we were able to create automated campaigns showing Allerhande recipes and Albert Heijn’s product suggestions. Combining these recipes with the right offerings in a visually appealing way. We are excited to pioneer this solution in Europe together with and look forward on innovating this format further. First results already show 75% higher click-through rates than industry benchmarks generating nearly 50% new users on the website.


Noedels met vegagehakt en pindasaus - Recept - Allerhande - Albert Heijn