What does iActivate do?
It is a campaign automation platform for PPC (Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and Amazon).

How it works?
iActivate easily creates entire advertising accounts based on your inventory data and allows you to advertise based on millions of product names, categories, and prices while staying aligned with your daily inventory levels. 

Main benefit?
The platform enables automation of PPC campaigns and is extremely easy to achieve scale for large clients. It displays up-to-date custom ads and allows for scale across markets, countries and languages.

iActivate Netherlands Team

iActivate team @iProspect Nederland

From left to right:
Erdal Kiran - Head of Automation 
Olivia Kasteel - Senior Product Specialist
Jolien Boot - Senior PPC Consultant
Kelly Miché - PPC Consultant

'One of the biggest challenges of managing paid search for over 70 countries worldwide is optimizing relevancy at scale. Especially with the dynamic and expansive route network we offer as an airline. By seamless integration of our feed into iActivate together with iProspect, we have managed to create highly dynamic ads with route specific information in 25 different languages, taking utmost advantage of ETA’s new character limits. This not only increased the relevancy of our ads for our customer tremendously, but also our quality score. In turn, resulting in lower CPC’s and more room in our budget to expand our reach.'