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The Challenge

Targeting different marketing messages to the right buyer is key to Epicor’s ap­proach. The company knows that certain messages resonate with specific in­dustries, as well as buyer readiness within the sales cycle. Before working with iProspect, Epicor was driving consumers to landing pages with misaligned messaging: the page content and messaging didn’t match the associated ad copy. As a result, ROI from search was lagging.

The Results

higher conversion rate


annualized conversion rate growth rate


A personalized landing page with messaging targeted specifically to the needs of manufacturers produced fantastic results over the control page. Epicor then applied this winning template across landing pages in other categories in North America, which provided the dramatic lift in average conversion rates.

reduction in cost-per-conversion


average conversion rate



The Epicor marketing team worked with iProspect’s paid media team to opti­mize paid search campaigns continually using a “messaging alignment” model that allows clear and concise communication of the true value of Epicor’s offerings to the appropriate audience segments.

iProspect’s CRO team used landing page testing and optimization to identify a key shortcoming in the existing landing pages—the page layout and design did not fully support the content custom­ization required to easily align keyword to ad creative to page content. Conver­sion rates on these pages were low, and page bounce rates were high. So, they developed a new landing page template that allows for content seg­mentation and personalization to target different buyer personas.

Epicor and iProspect A/B tested the new template to validate conversion lift before diving into testing individual page elements using multivariate testing (MVT). MVT was then used on an ongoing basis on core messaging, calls-to-action, imagery, offers and other page elements. This ongoing landing page testing helped validate hypotheses around consumer behavior through the purchase funnel, allowing for constant refinement of page content and ongoing lift in conversion rates.


Targeting consumers with tailored messages drives results