AI Data Analytics Business Tool 

Historically, accurately measuring ad-spend ROI has presented a challenge to CMO's. A billboard can be a beautiful thing but it’s a tough call to link ad-spend to product sales.

With digital, astute data analytics gives marketers a clear picture of campaign effectiveness and sales outcomes – enabling brands to refine their approach with every marketing channel and campaign.

C-suite who intelligently call in the right data sets and analyse them holistically, can design products and services to mirror customer preference.

With products and services optimised for the customer, coupled with data-insight-informed channels and campaigns, companies will have harnessed some of the significant potential of digital transformation to facilitate growth.

Pronto, our AI business intelligence tool (which incidentally was conceived and created from within our Malaysia data team) is a great analytics tool that can be used to capture and visualise data sets.

With the exponential growth of the digital ecosystem, companies must navigate a complex range of platforms and channels. Marketing is increasingly sophisticated, weaving financial, operational and digital narratives and experiences borne from strategic business approaches. It is paramount that resulting data threads are captured cleanly and analysed intelligently to ensure sales and marketing bears fruit.

Recognising that every client presents a unique data capture blueprint, we designed Pronto to flex organically to fit user need. We saw that other competitor business intelligence tools in-market offered limited customisation options, offering only pre-set data capture parameters.

Pronto allows each chart to have its own set of filters and may have its own set of data sources. We utilise our core expertise in understanding digital data formats and how to merge marketing, financial, customer and sales data in order to provide a full picture of end to end marketing activities to the CMO.

In addition we designed Pronto to contain two layers, with descriptive analytics forming the base layer and the predictive analytics forming the AI layer. With patterns emerging of business challenges and opportunities, companies can deploy Pronto's AI capabilities across a wide spectrum of KPI's - from forecasting revenue to driving operational efficiency or even designing an entire commercial service ecosystem tailored to consumer demand.