A Day In The Life Of An Account Manager

What do you do?

As Head of Account Management, my role entails overseeing our company’s portfolio of clients and leading the accounts management team to deliver their best of the services that we offer.

Together with the working teams, we build client partnerships to provide personalised solutions to support and achieve their business goals.

Within our agency network, we provide digital support to enhance our sister agencies’ already strong suite of services in media and creative.

What is a typical working day?

Emails come in throughout the day and I do my best to respond and provide support where needed.

I work closely with department heads and team leaders to align on our goals and strategy for organizational and client growth.

In a company of 120 or so young and dynamic individuals, the element of coaching and mentorship is always present.

What do you love about your job?

No two days are the same!

We’re constantly thinking on our feet, problem-solving and consulting our clients on an array of subjects and tasks. Each day brings new experiences that we take and learn from to apply in other aspects of our work.

Managing and nurturing relationships

Bringing out the human side of things – communication, negotiation, and reflection of our impact on others are skills that are genuinely needed in the workforce today.

Working with individuals and teams to be more empathetic and responsible in what they do has shown to improve the way we get things done internally and for our clients.


Doing good work for our clients – each campaign or project completed is a win!

How did you get into Account Management?

The challenge of multi-tasking, forging partnerships, and seeing projects come to life has always intrigued me. I am lucky enough to have found a role that encompasses all three!

How would describe your working environment?

Productive and expressive

It is an exhilarating experience watching subject matter experts and passionate individuals working together to arrive at the best possible results!