Pinterest - The Camera is the New Keyboard


The Camera is the New Keyboard

Pinterest: The Answer to Visual Search for Consumers in a Discovery Mindset

Traditional search is like the left brain of the internet. Search is premised on fast information retrieval, factually correct answers and queries based on words. Pinterest’s goal is to build the right brain of the internet: associative, visual, subjective and about possibilities and inspiration right for you. Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that lets more than 200 million people around the world discover over 100 billion ideas across every human interest category—food, fashion, home, style, travel and more.

Marketers have spent the last two decades optimizing for text-based search and social. But, Pinterest offers a platform that combines a new type of visual search, offering powerful personalization with a canvas suited for brands. Download the white paper today to discover how iProspect is using this combination to give marketers a new way to tap into latent consumer demand, acquire new users, harness more sophisticated taste-based intent data and ultimately drive sales.

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