The Challenge

Eurostar’s business challenge is a universal constant: how does it compete with travel operators to appear at the top of the results when people search by destination.

With this constant business challenge iProspect had to devise a strategy to solve it in a smarter way, and return better results.

The Results

Decrease in Cost per Click


Increase in Conversion Rate


We used CORE to automate the media-buying process for Eurostar, optimising both performance and efficiencies.

Decrease in Cost per Action


The Strategy

We saw an opportunity to build a system that could automate the media buying process for digital performance media. iProspect CORE is machine learning-powered optimisation engine that automatically analyses, activates, and optimises media based on our bespoke algortithms. CORE processes data at a rate of 6bn rows per minute, doubling the impact of performance media in half the time.​

Essentially, we put paid search optimisation for Eurostar into the hands of our AI-based technology, leveraging the technology to make smarter portfolio buying decisions at a keyword level, improve and optimise search account structures and automate search query report processing. ​

Trabajando de la mano con iProspect en nuestro viaje de transformación digital; CORE es el último ejemplo de cómo la agencia colabora para proporcionar soluciones innovadoras que aborden nuestras necesidades comerciales y digitales. Los resultados iniciales de CORE son muy alentadores, consolidando la forma en que trabajamos juntos para 2018 y más allá.

Guillemette Jacob

Head of Marketing & Brand, Eurostar


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