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A New Era for WhatsApp

Good news!  WhatsApp has a new business application that will enable businesses to have closer relationships with their customers.  The app identifies company accounts to differentiate them from individual people accounts.  That is, if you see a green icon next to a contact name, it means that contact belongs to a business account.  Business profiles may include information such as description, address and business hours.

The new app is currently being tested in Mexico.  Latin America users of the app will be able to determine which is a private account vs. a business one by reading the following statement on a WhatsApp Business account: “We are testing WhatsApp Business, a new application for small businesses, through a pilot program in Mexico. If you have a small business and are interested in trying WhatsApp Business, download the application for free from here. At the moment, this application is only available to users in Mexico."

Facebook has also started to display a WhatsApp button on its ads to ease the communication between potential users and companies that are testing the WhatsApp Business app. For the time being, the action on Facebook will be charged only if the user clicks on the part of the ad that says "send message." This is a clear indication that Facebook will make WhatsApp Business a profitable app in the near future

Let’s take a closer look at one of our favorite success stories so far: KLM Airline. This Netherlands-based commercial airline recently posted a video on YouTube explaining how they are using WhatsApp Business, and they decided to make it 100% user centric by offering flight schedules, access to boarding pass, change seat requests, flight confirmations, and delivery or loss of luggage among other services. This option has worked quite well for them thus far.

KLM Airline’s Video

It must be said that this is a great opportunity for our clients, since WhatsApp currently has 1 billion users worldwide, making it a huge source for potential new customers.