Inside iProspect Latvia: Who are we and what we do

As digital extends into all areas of our lives, every tweet, every status update and video has become a potential customer touchpoint. Our task is to help our clients to reach their customers at each of these touchpoints in a way that’s relevant to their working lives and business needs. While this gives advertisers some great opportunities, it also means customers expect more - they want services and content that meet their needs, wherever they are, whatever they're doing.

Who are we

 iProspect is a leading digital performance marketing agency and we are proud to be a part of the Dentsu Aegis Network - a group of agencies that have done outstanding work alone, but who also work great together. It means a truly global team of 3000+ passionate digital specialists, giving businesses a tangible advantage in today's world.


Our local team consists of 6 specialists that cover all the core performance services, including 3 certified Google Analytics and AdWords specialists. At iProspect, we're not just specialists in different types of digital marketing - we also know how to bring it together. By putting the customer at the centre, we create simple, effective strategies that connect with people across every channel - and grow business in ways they can measure.


What we do

iProspect reshapes brand strategies to meet the fast-paced demands with a focus on the client’s business objectives. We utilize proprietary solutions like:

  • Paid and natural search

  • Content generation

  • Performance display

  • Social media management

  • Conversion optimization

  • Data & insights

  • Video


We work with both local and international clients, offering a truly holistic digital performance marketing approach. How we achieve that? We're always learning, because digital doesn't stop moving - ever. So we pick up skills and knowledge fast to be the best in the field. Learn more about our products and solutions here.

Sometimes people ask what is the secret of our success, and you know what? There is no secret. But there definitely is a key, and it is called work-life balance. Our team works hard, but knows how to have a good time, because it is not just about work. Don’t you agree? :)

P.S. There's some more information about us and the things we love on our blog in Latvian language.