Our Work


Intelligent Content over Digital Channels

The Challenge

Fravega is one of Argentina´s biggest retailers of electronics and appliances. A company with over 100 years of experience and a consistence presence all around the country and one of the top ten advertiser in Argentina.

We implemented an extensive 360 digital consultancy on their digital channels (display, social networks, e-marketing,etc) using an innovative approach to generate targeted digital creative campaign elements with an emphasis on targeting key consumers.

The aim of the client was to unify their creative pieces in digital channels; our goal was to amplify the number of variables to test and build a stronger learnings on how to help them to get more conversions.

The Results

Through detailed A/B testing of creative pieces, overall performance increased.


Increase in CTR


Increase in Clicks to Landing Page


Creative Pieces Per Week

The Strategy

We implemented a 5 step cyclical work process centered on innovation for each category.

The process was based on understanding the brand, the users and the context; analyzing data insights and models; thinking through the strategy, the concept and the opportunities; activating and amplifying the brand and its services over the media; and, measuring the KPI’s new opportunities and the hits and misses.

Finally, through A/B testings of traditional pieces vs. 360 pieces, we determined the best creative pieces as per their performance results, finding the best combination of elements over each communication in the different steps of the conversion funnel.