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WhatsApp Will Soon Separate Business from Pleasure

WhatsApp Business, Facebook´s new business application, kicked off a beta testing period a few months ago and will soon be available for every company.


The revolutionary application for instant messaging and calls, WhatsApp, purchased by Facebook in 2014, allows users to do a whole lot, and that’s why is so popular. Today, the app is used for both personal and business needs by users communicating with friends and family, and businesses use it as an extension of corporate e-mail and a customer service solution.


WhatsApp, with 8 years on the market, is the most popular messaging application in the world. It has 1.2 billion active users who send over 55 billion messages a day and share 4,500 million photos and 1 billion videos in 60 different languages every month.


The immediacy and usability of the app has allowed companies from all industries and sizes to use WhatsApp as a sales and service channel, which allows them to provide information directly to their current and potential customers. But the thin line separating business from pleasure comes into conflict when a personal number is used for business purposes.


Facebook’s solution for this dilemma? WhatsApp Business, now being tested.  It’s an entirely new application designed especially for companies and can be accessed either via a landline or cell phone number.


WhatsApp Business has a number of similarities with Facebook Fan Pages and Instagram Business Profiles:

  • Current company profiles using WhatsApp can migrate to the corporate application.
  • Businesses will be able to obtain a verified account badge, which will provide greater security and reliability.
  • Enterprise chat will have access to new and business-specific options, such as the option to schedule automatic responses.
  • In the next 6 months, we will see in India the launch of Payments in WhatsApp Business. If successful, we can expect it to be offered to the rest of the markets shortly after.

WhatsApp Business will also offer a statistics service and will notify users at the outset of the conversation that the sender is a business profile. 

The WhatsApp Business APK (Android Package Kit) is available in some European countries as a trial version only and is expected to gradually expand to reach Colombia.

Although there are still questions about the new app, which companies will be able to obtain it, and the requirements to access it, our recommendation is for companies to get ahead of the curve and develop an action plan that makes the best possible use of this tool. Having a customer service channel with massive reach transcends the traditional way of interacting with the public and presents a great opportunity for businesses to excel.

Jessica Paola Uribe, SEO Junior, and Carlos Romero, Intelligence & Analytics Director, also contributed to this blog post.