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The Rise of Contextual Commerce

We have seven stories this week, including the rise of ‘contextual commerce’ (probably a better description than ‘social shopping’), Bacardi on IGTV, and DAN’s 30 wins at Cannes.



The rise of ‘contextual commerce’

A new report about ‘Contextual Commerce’ - essentially commerce within the context of social platforms, rather than on specific shopping sites - says that while only a bit more than half have tried it, nearly 85% of those that did would do it again.  Instagram is currently adding lots of features, and of course the West is behind Asia in this technology (the research was done in the US).  I think we’ll be hearing a lot more of the term ‘contextual commerce’!
Full report here - (or let me know if you’d like me to email you a copy)

Snapchat ‘is preparing a gaming platform’
A leaked report suggests that Snap is creating a platform that will allow outside developers to make games that can be played through Snapchat, to launch this Autumn.  Snapchat has always been all about getting users to spend more time; it started as a messaging platform, but then added stories and external content so that there were things to see and so even if your friends weren’t active.  Bear in mind that Snap recently bought a VR gaming start-up - could VR gaming be part of this?

Bacardi is using Instagram influencers to create IGTV videos
Have you spent all week glued to IGTV, Instagram’s new video-only app?  Me neither, but I have noticed that an IGTV has already appeared within the main Instagram app, and I’ve seen some brand videos doing the rounds - e.g. Gucci & Warby Parker  
Another example - Bacardi has commissioned Instagram dance duo Les Twins (nearly 1m followers) to create a video for them, and later today the pair will ask their fans to help them create the video, via polls in their Instagram stories 

Paypal has been granted a patent for ‘being able to buy by looking at something’
…  Or that’s the gist.  The aim would be to let someone use augmented reality enabled glasses to look at a product, then navigate to an augmented reality menu, to make a purchase.  Very ‘sci fi’, like lots of things are these days (e.g. 3D printed internal organs), and also a bit ‘Black Mirror’.  I do think that AR glasses will start to re-appear soon (ish) and the technology will be useful this time.  Sign me up for a pair in about 2023

Dentsu Aegis Network at Cannes
We had a brilliant Cannes - winning 30 awards, including two Grand Prix and three Golds across the network.  There are lots of examples in the link, including the Digital Craft Grand Prix for Isobar, the Grand Prix for Good won by BWM Dentsu Sydney for the ALS Association, and, my personal favourite, the Gold Lion for Outdoor won by Dentsu JaymeSyfu Philippines for “Dead Whale”, a Greenpeace campaign.  Well done everyone!

Elsewhere at Cannes - Teads premiered an AR ad format 
A look at some of the AR and VR work at Cannes, including a world first - a web-based AR campaign created by Teads for Ray Ban - once engaged with the ad turns on the phone camera, and puts sun glasses onto you.

& finally - Chompers is a podcast for kids to get them to brush their teeth better
It’s on all the main platforms, and is an Alexa skill, so just say ‘Alexa, start Chompers’, and an episode starts, designed to keep kids brushing effectively for at least two minutes, morning and evening