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Mary Meeker’s 2018 Trends - ‘Simplicity’, China, and more

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This week, we’ve selected six stories this week, including Mary Meeker’s great new trends presentation, media innovation in the selling of the new Jurassic World film, and how social media has made us all want to adopt dogs. 



Mary Meeker’s new Trends presentation
Plus - a good summary here
The publication of Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends presentation is always a a highlight, and this year is no exception.  While it starts quite conventionally, for me it gets really interesting about half way (140 charts) in.  Lots about ‘simplicity’ of services - removing the friction from transactions and experiences - and also AI, new economic models, and this time there is a whole section on China.  I’d particularly recommend charts 144, 149, 218, 245, 248, and 257 - but please read it all.  
Thanks to Reka Kerti for the link!

Mobile shopping - still more browsing than buying
A new report from payment provider Braintree, owned by Paypal, says that while lots of people shop on their phones, cart abandonment is still very high.  While 50% shop, only 20% purchase, showing that there are still trust problems with payments, and delays in transacting.  Given Mary Meeker’s ‘simplicity’ theme, this suggests that while that is happening with some of the best services, there are still a lot of clunky experiences out there.
Let me know if you’d like the full report.

Teens & Social Media Use
Another new report - this time from Pew - looks at American teen social media and technology usage.  If you ignore YouTube, which I’d see more as a content site than a social site, Instagram is the top service, then Snapchat, then Facebook, with Snap the leader in the ‘most used’ category.  Also, unsurprisingly, more teens have access to a smartphone than a desktop or laptop computer, and 45% describe their internet use as ‘almost constantly’.  
Full pdf is here 

A couple of interesting promos for the new Jurassic World movie
Two good examples of innovation - First, in a partnership with Jeep & Amazon, a massive Amazon box is being driven around LA, and people are being asked to guess what’s inside.  Say ‘Alexa - Ask Jurassic World what’s in the box’ to enter an audio experience of strange dinosaur noises...
 Second - There is a ‘Pokemon Go’ style game called Jurassic World Alive (1m downloads already) where you can hunt dinosaurs in your local streets.  If you play it at a Walmart store, you can access special ‘supply drop’ - that is, get help to play to game.     

On demand film screenings
A great idea from China.  Essentially it’s a video store with private rooms, ranging from two to ten seats, where customers stream the content they want, on demand.  In the same way that some cities have thriving restaurants because people’s homes are too small to entertain in, you can see this taking off as a way to enjoy the films and shows you love.  This week Netflix launched a pop-up in LA where people could explore the sets from their favourite shows - but how about a physical Netflix screening complex where you can watch shows in a group?
Thanks to Adrian Lee for the link!

& finally - How the internet is changing how dogs get adopted 
If you’ve ever wondered why you see so many dog adoption pics in your feeds, then this helps to explain.  A wonderful story of one of the nicer unintended consequences to social media, ‘almost constant’ online usage and more.  If all else fails, any dog will look cute in a pair of pajamas...