iProspect Argentina at the Google Partner Summit 2016

Last November the 9th the biggest Google event for partners took place, the Google Partner Summit.

Under the theme #NowIsOurMoment, this gathering was attended by more than 900 participants from different agencies around the world. Together we shared our experiences and acquire a clear picture of Google vision of the industry. 

The event was held at the wonderful city of San Francisco, in the Westin St. Francis hotel. It had an amazing organization, as expected from Google. Over 300 Google stuffers were clearly identifiable and available all around the hotel to help you reach every section of the conference.

As far as the panels go, there were a great success.

Of course there was some boring, or not so interesting ones, but which event hasn’t got those?

Down to business, here are the first 2 insights:

  • Agencies at the event represented 9% of global publicity investment, with over 14 billion dollars in 2015.
  • At this moment Google has 6 services with over 1 billion active users: Android, Google Play, Chrome, Gmail, YouTube and Google Search.

First Panel: MOBILE

It all started the best way possible, with an iProspect success study from Australia with GM. They explained how our Australian peers worked out their mobile strategy with dealers. You can find the full case here: https://goo.gl/TFybgz

The following data was the most relevant of the panel:

  • 64% of mobile users use YouTube before performing a purchase.
  • 54% of users visit YouTube at least once a week.
  • 53% of mobile visits end up on a bounce if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • A site with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) takes less than a second to load.
  • Over 1.5B visits to stores are made over Google Search.

Second Panel: PRODUCT TALK

A sales oriented talk showcasing the benefits of Android and Universal Mobile Apps solutions. It still left us some useful information:

  • +65B installed apps on Android in 2016
  • +13B USD invested in app advertising globally.

After delivering this data, the conversation was focus in changing the current paradigm, exemplified with the phrase “what users do is more important than what they look like”.

The reality is that the quote is made to sell Universal App Campaigns, the automated adwords campaigns in which Google decides where to invest to promote app installs taking into account the moment and context of each user (the format crosses over Google Search, YouTube, GDN and Google Play).

Third Panel: Why Digital Video Will be the Winner of the Decade?

Great talk in which we went though the evolution of YouTube over the years and how this is the platform where everyone can showcase their true self.

I liked the focus made on YouTube influencers, believe me, in the following years they will be part of your digital strategy. They also presented the new VR format “Google Dream View” which will provide a more complete VR experience with the YouTube content.

To summarize this talk, Digital video is:

  • Mobile
  • Diverse
  • Music
  • Immersive

Fourth Panel: Women´s Role in Business

Without a doubt, the best exposition of the event. Professor Margaret Ann Neale gave us a clear and precise context of the role that women have in business at this point in time.

She showcased the complicated reality of women, often being relegated and denigrated all around the world, even though it´s statistically proven their superiority in leadership capabilities.

I urge you to research her and find out more about the subject.

Fifth Panel: Leadership

To finish the day 2 Google leaders explained to us the different ways and methodologies that make every Google team effective. 

They even put at our disposal customizable tools to measure the effectiveness of teams, maintain professional relationships, team dynamics, problem- solving, and much more.

From my point of view, valuable assets that enrich and motivate a team leader.

The last day was a dream come true. We had the opportunity to visit Mountain View. I won´t get into details, but allow me to share some photos of the experience: