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Instagram's new algorithm for 2019: What's changing and how to prepare your brand

In order to protect the personal information of its users, Instagram introduced new changes in its algorithm that limit the search of hashtags in the platform. Only companies verified on Instagram can search for hashtags or track the activity of other verified business accounts.

Learn about the most important considerations to take into account to best apply the new changes in your brand's social media strategy.

To protect personal information, only verified companies can search for hashtags and analyze the activity of other verified business accounts. The verification process includes linking a Facebook page with the Instagram account, indicating that you are opting to share public information about your business with others.

Limited hashtags:
One of the changes in access to public Instagram data is the limits on the amount of hashtags that can be searched to avoid abuse of personal information. Verified commercial accounts can search up to 30 hashtags in a seven-day period.

Putting many hashtags in a post is now penalized by lowering the performance and it is recommended to use maximum 5 hashtags per post.

The frequency and time of publication will be taken into account. It is important to remember that to reach the followers many times less is more and you should not saturate the profiles with a very high publication frequency.

In the same way, the quality of the contents is key. The images must be clear and eye-catching for the audience and must be complemented with relevant texts that are of interest.

Interaction with the contents:
Very short comments or with emojis will not be reflected in the interaction activity of the publications. Comments must have at least four words to be considered as interactions.

New options for brand management:
A new option is to look for labels and @mentions of your brand. This will allow to know how the users of your brand speak, independently of a hashtag, so you can participate in the conversation with a comment on your publication.

Prepare your brands and update them with the changes of the platform to avoid losing digital terrain. Hands on!