#Thought Leadership

Digital Citizen Innovation: Social Projects on Digital Platforms that are Transforming the World

From mobile applications and combat climate change to the creation of online community radios, community innovation projects are forcefully imposed as the solution to social problems through ingenious ideas that are developed in different digital formats.

These projects focuses on vulnerable population or problems affecting communities. The areas of work are broad and mostly cover education, transportation and information. 

But who develops these projects? The short answer is a diverse group of professionals, technicians and volunteers. It´s important to highlight the misconception that only experts can get involved in these projects. Contrary to what common sense says, anybody with the passion to help and relevant experience to add can become a part of these projects.

In Latin America, this methodology of work has been successfully applied from organizations such as Citizen Innovation, who offers a geography and a thematic axis for participants to present their ideas and elaborate the creative and technological models that can intervene as agents of change.

From these initiatives a selection is made and subsequently an open call without border limits. Those who consider that they have the knowledge and the drive to help are chosen and join the team work of a particular country, which converge in a laboratory that will lay the foundation for developing the macro project. 

And this is how digital technologies unfold, linking boundaries by social causes, converging knowledge for quality of life and educational development. 

One of the most important examples is #LabiCC, the citizen innovation laboratory that met in Colombia in 2016 and where projects such as Co.madre, a portal dedicated to women, were unveiled. Narrating the history and culture of Palenque. 

We also found in Colombia projects like Gente Fuente, dedicated to rescuing the language of the Wounnan culture and giving them a space in the digital world, through access to web tools. 

Likewise from Cali, they echoed the notes of the harmonious marimba of the Colombian Pacific, adapting this instrument with a technological intervention so that it was available to deaf and blind people through the Marimba Inclusiva project. 

Ecuador Solidario was another great example of how solidarity and technology converge in Latin America, developing a Crow Donation portal to support the victims of the earthquake in that country.

Like these, there are hundreds of projects that have been born and developed in Colombia and Latin America. To learn more you can visit the Citizen Innovation Map