Truth about Content Marketing


The Truth about Performance Content Marketing

Why It Matters and How It Really Works

The term “content marketing” is a newer industry buzzword often sprinkled throughout media articles and branding plans. Content marketing isn’t really new – it’s repackaged conventional advertising. But, there’s a big digital universe out there. And if content is the latest and greatest vehicle for getting a message out, brands produce it and hope it affords them a share of voice.

All too often, brands produce content that they intuitively think is interesting or catchy but haven’t done enough homework. The true value of content marketing doesn’t reside in the polished product, but in the way customers engage with the content. Is it relevant? Does it solve a problem, encourage a laugh or stir an emotion? Is it integrated across every digital platform? Is it successful at driving the desired customer behavior and delivering against real business objectives?

Or, is it unfortunately just content for the sake of content?

In iProspect's latest whitepaper, "The Truth About Performance Content Marketing", experts reveal four essential steps for successful content marketing. We invite you to read and share this insightful piece and unpack the strategies and tactics required to create, amplify and measure content that truly performs.

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