Apple’s iOS 9 Paves the Way for Sophisticated Mobile Ad Blocking

How your brand should respond to the ad blocking trend

This September, Apple changed the game. They removed the barriers for app developers and paved the way for them to build apps with “content blocking” functionality for iOS mobile devices (iPhones and iPads). Apple mobile users can now block most ads and user tracking mechanisms on websites. 

So, what does this really mean? Well for starters, brands are now substantially hindered in tracking what people do on their site. And, remarketing to website visitors based on their behavior – once a simple, standard practice – might not work.

Today, people are more in control of the brands, content, and media they consume than ever. Instead of investing resources to fight ad blocking, digital marketers need to create valuable experiences for people…experiences that people don’t want to block. It’s no longer about selling a product or service, it’s about adding value. 

Thoughtful, relevant advertisements don’t encourage blocking. And, the Apple mobile user's significantly enhanced experience via a simple set-it and forget-it download is a big deal. 

Learn more in our POV, "How Brands Should Respond to Apple's iOS 9 Release and the Broader Ad Blocking Trend."

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