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In Brands We Trust: iProspect x Microsoft - ブランドへの信頼

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The amount of data that is generated and collected has grown exponentially over the past few decades.

In 2020, 1.7 megabytes of data will be generated each second for every person on earth and by 2025, global data is expected to grow to 175 trillion gigabytes.


But depending on their age, geographic location and experience, consumers have various levels of understanding about how their personal data is used and protected, and different tolerance levels about sharing it. Today’s marketers are questioning what data they can legally collect, store, use, and how will they provide value and establish trust among a consumer audience that is bombarded with stories about data breaches and identity theft?


In this whitepaper, iProspect shares key findings of our survey that analysed over 25,000 consumers and responses from 16 countries across North America, South America, the European Union, Asia, and Africa.


Some key findings from the report include;


  • 87% of respondents say they believe data privacy is a right, not a privilege.
  • 49% of respondents think data privacy is a shared responsibility among businesses, individuals, governmental bodies and technology innovators.
  • Consumers in EMEA are more concerned about data privacy than consumers in other regions.
  • 91% of respondents are concerned about the amount of data companies can collect about them.
  • Millennials see more value in personalisation and expect to get more from agreeing to share their personal data than consumers in other age groups. 

Download the full whitepaper (English ver.) today to discover the new value exchange that lies at the Intersection of Privacy, Customer Experience and Brand Loyalty.







  • 回答者の87%がデータのプライバシーは無条件に与えられる権利であり、条件付きではないと考えている。
  • 回答者の約半数49%が、データプライバシーは企業、個人、政府機関、テクノロジーイノベーターの共有の責任だと考えている。
  • EMEAの消費者は、ほかの地域の消費者よりもデータプライバシーに対してより大きな懸念を抱いている。
  • 回答者の大半91%は、企業が収集可能な個人データの量について懸念を抱いている。
  • 他の年齢層と比較して、ミレニアル世代はパーソナライゼーションに大きな価値を感じており、個人データ提供の容認から得られる結果への期待度が高い。


In Brands We Trust

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