Wind aims at standing out by promoting very convenient offers available in store for short periods of time. “Now or Never” is the tag line of this campaign.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to increment Wind’s Customers, by driving them in store to subscribe to the very convenient, all inclusive “now or never” offer, through a 3-day campaign planned exclusively online, with no off line support. 

Understand Digital’s capability to bring people to physical stores.

Target: online population focus on 15-35 years old (due to aggressive price)

The Results

  • 8.500

    New Clients in 3 days

  • 24 M


  • 254 k


  • 46 k

    Store views


Strategy and Tactics

To tackle the challenge we built a strategy based on retargeting and geolocalization, via a media mix composed of Display rich-media, paid search and social advertising.

Top mobile players were selected to ensure a wide reach amongst the target audience, and at the same time to guarantee high standards of quality. We used CCS to build the Target avoiding dispersion and maximizing efficiency, we also used CCS Planner to select the correct Market (mobile phone network) and Communication kpi (action) to  reach the best touch point to achieve the objective


The most relevant insight was that mobile is the most efficient channel to promote drive-to-store.

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