Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori (NTV), the Italian high speed rail company, and iProspect work together to increase business value through online ticket sales.

The Challenge

Increase the number of PAX, the purchasing frequency and the ticket’s average order value using digital channels and promotions. 

The Results

  • #1st

    iP Global Awards

  • +12%

    revenue vs objective

  • 44%

    iProspect contributes of total digital revenue

The Strategy

Through detailed research of the industry trends, we concluded that 85% of domestic flights are booked within 30 days of flying.  Keeping this in mind, we created dynamic landing pages and built an API to the flight prices.

We then created static landing pages that dynamically changed content to show the best prices for a flight segment within a 30 day timeframe.

We did this for all the key domestic segments.

To improve efficiencies further, the landing page was dynamically upgraded to provide enriched content - departure times, airlines and flight codes for the selected flight segment.

This improved the contextual nature of the page and inherently improved Google’s quality scores.

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