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The Challenge

Crizal, the world’s best-selling spectacle lenses brand wanted to connect with the younger audiences in India. Through DAN CCS Data, we observed that Crizal’s primary audience - those between 25 to 35 years - had ‘Sports’ amongst their top 3 digital media preferences.

The biggest international sporting event of 2018 was the FIFA World Cup. The challenge was to leverage the brand by reaching out to the young FIFA enthusiasts without shedding hefty money on event association. Which simply meant, we could not use any FIFA World Cup terminology, nor could we display or refer to any of the teams, players, the trophy, etc.

The Results

The visits to clicks percentage went up by 42%


Over 9 Million impressions on espn.in, which was among the top 3 best campaigns on ESPN, ever!


Brand awareness went up by 21%



Extensive analysis of platforms that serve ads told us that most FIFA fans visited Espn.in regularly to read in-depth match analysis, player performance, match predictions and seek clarity on the FIFA World Cup.

We created the ‘Aha Moment’ for the brand with our dynamic digital ad campaign.

Pre-approved templates were created for the banners that would go up on the ESPN website. A team at our end, worked in real-time while the games were going on, to create copy for the banners. According to the happenings at the world cup, various ads were created with the Crizal connect using the communication - Unclear to Clear.

While France won the 2018 FIFA World Cup, we won client’s heart by designing the best performance creative of the year and raised the brand awareness amongst young Indians.


To increase brand awareness among the millennials by leveraging the FIFA World Cup.