To reach out to NRIs and find business generation avenues for NRE savings account.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to overcome the traditional marketing mechanisms which were leading to high CPCc (Cost per Click) and CPLs (Cost per Lead). We needed to tackle the stagnation that was emerging from the cluttered market space caused by cut throat competition.

The Results

  • 293,464

    NRIs were engaged with

  • 307%

    Increase in the Number of Leads

  • 61%

    Decrease in the cost of lead compared to the GDN

Strategy and Tactics

We kept in mind the certain things that are inherent in every Indian regardless of national boundaries such as Bollywood, Politics and Indian brands.  NRIs keep themselves updated with the happenings updated with the happenings in India by finding information online. We took this factor in consideration along with the fact that Gmail is the preferred service provider of people all over the world. Using the new tool GSP (Google Sponsored Promotions), we formulated an approach to target NRI users based on Interest, Keywords, Domain, Jobs, and Purchases.

By using international insights, we created target buckets based on search for Indian themes.


  • Bollywood (Keyword Targeting)
  • Politics - Narendra Modi (Keyword Targeting)
  • Indian Insurance Brands (Domain Targeting)
  • Indian Travel  Websites (Domain Targeting)
  • Competition Domains (Domain Targeting)

This innovation integrated with our Indian insights created a highly efficacious way to target NRIs. Our excellent use of the GSP tool was acknowledged by Google and published as a case study.

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