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Understanding the Critical Aspects of RLSA

It is said that existing and prospective customers, who know your brand generate 60-70% of business. So why shouldn’t the same principle, be applied to search for the solution to RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads)?


Google Introduces Gmail Sponsored Promotion Ads


Keyword Research Tool

Keywords are the foundation for a successful Adwords campaign. Depending on whether you have a keyword that matches a searcher’s query your ad will appear. PPC advertising based on keywords is often called keyword advertising or keyword-driven advertising. Some keywords have a higher search volume, while others have a smaller search volume. Some have high conversion rates, while others will have low quality traffic. Choosing the correct keywords is the first step to advertising with Google Adwords. Selection of keywords purely depends on your goal of the campaign, because if you target keywords on a broader level you will simple land up burning the client’s cost & getting no conversions.