Why Does Google Penalise You?

To make the internet spam free and improve user experience, Google the riper of the internet, is on a mission to penalise your site. Having a payload of algorithms on its site, Google is quickly clearing its search results with manual and automatic penalties.

Under manual penalties you get a notification from Google and soon after, your site disappears from the search results. This is more of a lenient approach Google uses before it kicks you out. The other approach automatically penalises you without any notice, leaving you with drop in traffic, decrease in keyword ranking and a long clean-up which is more irritating than cleaning your room.

But hang on a minute, why did this happen to your site? What are the mistakes that you did which ended up in your site getting penalised? Well, there are many reasons that can come into play, let’s start one by one.

  • Unnatural Linking: Linking to websites which are not relevant to your site are the biggest example of unnatural linking. Some webmasters tend to buy links from different site to influence search results. Google considers this to be a bad practice.
  • Duplicate Content: Having duplicate content is a welcome note for Google. Copying content from a certain website and posting it on your site is something of the past. Today, duplicate content has lost its value in Google Search.

  • Keyword Stuffing: Excessive use of keywords on your page is seen as attempt to improve your rankings. 

  • Links from Different Country Domains: If your website is in a particular language, let’s say French, getting a link back to your site from a Chinese website seems unnatural. A user tends to prefer local language more than other foreign languages.
  • Website Down: Having a site down not only bugs the user but also the Search Engine. If your site stays down for longer intervals of time, Google starts de-indexing the site. Similarly, parked domain sites whose accounts have been suspended are also treated in the same way.

  • Fast Link Building: A normal site takes time to build links and a reputation among users. If links are built faster than the site reputation, it will be spotted by Google.
  • Multiple Redirects: If your website has many pages which are redirecting to different domains, it is treated as misguiding users. Redirecting from one domain to another decreases the user experience, which is why Google marks this as spam. 

Considering the above scenarios, you might be thinking Google only penalises website and blogs so why not go social? For all of those who think that way, here is a present for you.

Even pages on social network sites like Facebook are penalised. The only way out of this is to play by Google’s Rules.