Understanding the Critical Aspects of RLSA

It is said that existing and prospective customers, who know your brand generate 60-70% of business.  So why shouldn’t the same principle, be applied to search for the solution to RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads)?

There are hundreds of articles online which explain the execution of RLSA but here we would like to discuss the critical aspects:

  • Audience List – Ensure you have a cookie pool of 1000 users before you start using RLSA. RLSA will not be activated without a 1000 user cookie pool.
  •  Define your Keywords – Don’t target the same brand and core keywords. Users coming back through search will look for Competition Keywords, long tail keywords and comparison keywords.  Think like a customer and see the magic.
  •  Customised / Stronger Messaging – If you know a user is your customer or that the user knows your brand, customise the messaging in your Ad Copy, accordingly.
  •  Start an Offer – Offers help in grabbing attention, think of offers in comparison to the competition, in order to tempt the user.
  •  Separate Landing Page – Taking the user to the same landing page is money spent in vain. It’s like selling the user the same thing with no change in pitch.
  •  All Audiences are Not the Same- Build pages for a specific audience and specific products.  Cross Sell to users who look for similar products.  For example, a person who has taken a personal loan can also take an auto loan.
  •  Bid Management – See which keywords are performing and manage your bids accordingly. Testing is very crucial.

 All I would like to say is that RLSA is not just about remarketing, it’s about user behaviour, it’s about close monitoring and not letting the competition grab your market share.