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David is a Technical SEO Director at iProspect London and one of the longest  serving members of the company. He is a SEO Tech lead for various major accounts such as ASOS, More Th>n and Enterprise. Interests include 3D art, hiking and looking after pet fish. He is also a part-time civilian instructor with the RAF Air Cadets.

It has come to our knowledge that fraudulent messages are in circulation by third parties representing themselves as iProspect employees or agents. These are often linked, but not limited to, subscriptions to social media channels in exchange for monetary returns, jobs in iProspect or similar matters offering monetary returns. iProspect India has an active case with local law enforcement authorities and are reporting all new cases that are bought to our attention.

Please be aware and be safe. None of the entities, brands or employees of iProspect or dentsu pay people for writing reviews, subscribing or liking to channels on any digital platforms nor for introductions or jobs in iProspect. You may report any fraudulent incidents by writing to us at Connect.India@dentsu.com. Any transactions are at your own risk. Dentsu will not be liable for any loss or damages.