Introduction to the Google Analytics 360 Suite

What is Google Analytics 360 Suite?

Brands in India are in different stages of their analytics and marketing maturity; many struggle to action their existing data in a meaningful and timely manner. The new Google 360 Suite is an answer to this problem.

The suite is and will be sold through resellers such as iProspect (Tag Manager 360, Analytics 360, Optimise 360) and directly through Google (Audience Center 360, Data Studio 360 and Attribution 360) and enable brands to overcome the difficulties of technical implementation and utilisation in an efficient manner. Currently there are only 3 products in the market.

  1. Tag Manager 360
  2. Analytics 360 – formally known as Google Analytics Premium
  3. Attribution 360 – formally known as Adometry (Not available in APAC, only TV attribution)

The only change is a re-branding of the products. However we can expect a lot of feature releases with these products (above) and the rollout of the products, which are currently in Beta Stage, as below.

  1. Audience Center 360 - expected EOY
  2. Optimise 360 - expected late Q2 2016
  3. Data Studio 360 – expected late Q2 2016

There 7th product is the Google Analytics 360 suite comprising of these products.


Google Analytics Standard is similar to Analytics360 however a few main differences are list below.

  • Analytics 360 – Formally known Google Analytics Premium or GAP.
  • Analytics 360 is quite similar to GAP; few differences are listed as follows

However the official statement from Google, 

Google Analytics 360 is getting an upgrade, we will begin rolling out exciting new capabilities in the coming months. It will continue to serve as the measurement centerpiece by analyzing customer data from all touch-points and integrating with our advertising products to drive marketing effectiveness.”

Some of the powerful capabilities of Analytics 360.

  • Centralized data:  Adwords / DoubleClick / site behavior data in one place
  • Powerful reporting: customisable, user-centric
  • Actionability: publish segments for audience targeting, bidding

One thing to note is that Analytics 360 comes with a $500 free credit per month with BigQuery, which is directly integrated into GA360. BigQuery is a fully managed, petabyte scale, low cost analytics data warehouse, using familiar SQL. A full hit-level data dump is pushed into BigQuery, every 4 hours, allowing consumers additional analysis, visualisation, reporting and much more capabilities.

Tag Manager 360 – or formally GTM.

This is an upgrade of the original tag management system; one of the key benefits for resellers and brands is that it enables the marketers to add and update website/App tags without relying on the Tech/IT teams to edit website or App Code. We have seen increased functionality and inclusion of additional features over the years, and the ability of rule-based firing of custom JavaScript and conversion tags has completely answered the crying need of marketers to be agile and track their paid campaigns.

There is now a paid version available with free of charge online GTM training, available through resellers. It will be available for free with Google Analytics 360 suite customers, or with any purchase of product within the Google Analytics 360 suite. The free version will still be available.

GTM360 is designed to integrate with organisation’s existing development workflows, define custom environments to test and publish yours in your UATs before publishing. There is enterprise support, SLAs, and the main difference from the free version is the manager API gives you the power to configure your containers and tags programmatically and at scale, as well as enabling better integrations with your existing systems.

  • Safe & reliable data collection with SLAs and security features
  • Fast & easy tag management to help you stay agile
  • Enterprise-ready with a powerful API, mobile app tagging, multi-environment support, and more

“Built from our industry-leading tag management product, it lets marketers move faster and make decisions with confidence. It offers simplified data collection and powerful APIs to increase data accuracy and streamline workflows.”

Attribution 360 – Not available in APAC, Only TV Attribution available in India

Attribution in India has been a difficult nut for marketers to crack, with disparate fragmented data sets, it’s been difficult to attribute sales across campaigns, creatives, ads etc. The need for one source of truth is ever so apparent when marketers attempt attribution. Google’s answer to this is Google Attribution 360, which unifies and analyses all data streams. It uses a data-driven algorithmic approach to measure the effect each ad has on conversion.

  • One-of-a-kind insights from Google Search (TV Attribution)
  • Streamlined data collection using DCLK (DDA)
  • Cutting-edge cross-device, modeling/optimization/forecasting

“Google Attribution 360, has been rebuilt from the ground up to help advertisers value media investments and allocate budgets with confidence. Marketers can analyze performance across all channels, devices, and systems to achieve their most effective marketing mix.”

Optimize 360 - Beta

One of my most eagerly awaited product is the Google Optimise 360. As per my opinion, Google has been most lacking in their marketing product range, providing consumers and brands the ability to create an experience. The extent of the level of personalization is yet to be revealed, though Google claims of experimenting with the same. This will be an eagerly awaited product for existing Google Analytics 360 clients.

  • Powerful testing and personalization made simple
  • Native GA integration enables single source of truth and immediate actionability of existing analytics data

“This website testing and personalization product helps marketers deliver better experiences. Marketers can show consumers multiple web pages then use the best performing ones to increase consumer engagement with their brand.”

Data Studio 360Beta

Data Visualisation is a next logical step to simple reporting, seeing your data visualised can help analysis, identify important trends in data that would be so not obvious in simple excel reports. Visualisation is important due to how the brain processes information, visualising data is the easy way to convey concepts in a universal manner. Many of our Google Analytics 360 clients are already implemented tableau which is implemented of BigQuery. This can be a tedious integration and getting the data correct can be a laborious task. This product is built on the Google Docs Framework, which allows users to update and collaborate on dashboards in real time.

Create beautiful dashboards & reports, easily

  • Connect many different data sources
  • Collaborate and Share your data stories across your business

“A new visualization product that crunches data and turns it into beautifully informative reports—easy to read, easy to share, and fully customizable so people can get exactly what they need right when they need it.”

Audience Center 360 - Beta

This is the awaited, until recently called, Google DoubleClick Audience center, Data management Platform (DMP). This natively integrates with the DoubleClick Suite (DS, DBM, DFP, DFA and DCM) and Adwords and integrates with other DSPs in market. This is the execution layer of the 360 Suite. DMP is essential for programmatic buying and avoiding duplication of ads across different DSPs. 

●    Access to Google audience data & Machine Learning technology

●    Fast & easy 24-hour setup

●    Open platform: data integrations with 100s of 3P DSPs

“This powerful data management platform helps marketers quickly understand their customers and find more across channels, devices, and campaigns. Native integration with DoubleClick products provides access to both Google and third-party data to arm marketers with better audience insights.”

How does all these products come together?

These products will provide a direct competitive solution to the Adobe Marketing Cloud end-to-end Solution. As we can expect seamless integration between this products and Google Analytics 360 suite will be powered by Analytics 360. Segments and audiences will be pushed into the Optimise360 for personalisation and Audience center 360 for direct action.


The ability to action data in real time by marketers is now here. Although possible already with clever implementations and integrations of GAP with tools such as Eloqua. Now this will be possible without complex and costly development work.  This means brands can focus on being more innovate and data savvy.