Google Introduces Gmail Sponsored Promotion Ads

Google AdWords always gave us an option of targeting its Gmail users through GDN Managed placements. Now, Google is converting its free services into revenue earning services by introducing Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP).

GSP helps the advertisers to connect with their target audience, through innovative engaging ad formats made for Gmail specifically. It Targets users rather than cookies.

You can see these GSP engaging ads in the Promotion tab of your Gmail interface.

Now through GSP, ads are shown in an extremely appropriate manner – like subject line, teasers and full-page ads, which go directly to the user’s inbox.

Subject Line & Teaser:

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These budget ads are for specific advertisers, where the top & the bottom teaser ads are similar, while the thumbnail teaser ads on the right-side include the advertiser logo. When we click on the teaser ads they expand as a mailer 

Mailer -

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Targeting options in GSP:

GSP has taken targeting relevant audience set to an all new level, where the customers can be targeted on the basis of Interests, Keywords, Domains, Purchases, Mailing Lists and Jobs. An advertiser gets an option of having a custom combination of all the keyword targeting methods, to create the most relevant set for the audience.

  • Interest

Through this, it becomes possible to target a specific section of the audience on the basis of the user interest.

For example, if a fashion magazine wants to increase its subscriptions, it can target people interested in Arts & Entertainment or Beauty & Fitness thus, making it easier to reach the relevant audience.

  • Domains

So in case of the fashion magazine competitors like Femina, Elle, etc. can be targeted.

  • Keywords

If a user has content related to the targeted keyword list, he/she would be able to see GSP ads.

  • Purchases

This option allows the advertisers to target potential customers, based on the user purchasing pattern. For e.g.: An E-commerce website can target its own customers, with specific offers/ discounts based on their historical purchases or a generic purchasing pattern.

  • Jobs

It is also possible to target the user's job profile.

GSP has given advertisers a new opportunity to explore and it would be interesting to see how GSP performs with different target audiences, interesting creative designs and increased competitive landscape.