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Gamified Commerce

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With the rise of platform-based economy and new behaviours driven by the next generation, Gamified Commerce will be an essential component of brand growth. iProspect examine 5 of the most pressing key trends shaping Gamified Commerce and identify how can brands unlock its growth potential today. 
Footfall Gamification  
Turning barriers to footfall into more playful elements to incentivise people. What are the signals brands can use to fuel creativity and reward store visit with unique experiences and standout moments? 
Lively Loyalty  
Creating consumer experiences that drive loyalty through participation. What are true motivations and barriers of customers brands can tap into to create new levels of participation and loyalty?   

The Drop    
Limited social-first collections as brand heat moments through new commerce. What are the exclusive collections and innovative platform mechanisms that can f energise a new crowd towards brands?   
Culture Hacks    
Native infiltration of gaming culture to open new audiences to brands. Where audiences play can help unlock what is the right strategy to cut-through meaningfully, from in-game advertising, hacks, or innovative partnerships. 
Gamified Stories    
Maximising brand immersion by turning audiences into heroes of a brand story. How can brand communications articulate in a fun or unexpected and engaging way to reward users who participate and to deepen their connection?   

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A group of teenage boys playing an arcade game | Gamified Commerce | iProspect

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