Future Focus 2022 The New Intersection of Media

Future Focus 2022: The New Intersection of Media

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The New Intersection of Media

Constant adaptation is a reality of our current times, the continual need to react, adapt, and respond to unparalleled change in our world, our industry, and most importantly in ourselves. 

In a world reshaped by numerous crises, we have seen human interaction, digital behaviour, and consumer habits fundamentally shifted. With nervousness about the future the overwhelming feeling in societies globally, and with 86% of global leaders believing that both positive and negative digital change will be the longest lasting change the world we see, the digital world holds the potential to completely reshape how we move forward as a global community. 

Whether this shift is permanent, remains to be seen. This pace of change in our lifetime has given focus on a need for availability, accountability, and sustainability across media and yet has also borne witness to the reimagining of what media could be.

At iProspect, we have seen a new intersection of media emerging. Media has become the intersection of culture, content, data, and technology. With digitally native brands accelerating growth at this new intersection at triple the rate of e-commerce overall, we see that this new intersection of media allows for possibility, innovation, and change. Brands must examine the fundamental shifts in how they operate, organise, and ultimately transact. 

Future Focus 2022: The New Intersection of Media

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