Future Focus 2020 - The Next Ten Years

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While the 2010s have undeniably been a period of deep changes for the world, they were just a glimpse of the economical, technological and demographical transformations that the 2020s will bring. We interviewed 250 top marketers across a broad spectrum of brands, including FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies, to not only understand their expectations for 2020, but also their hopes and concerns for the next ten years. The report includes exclusive interviews with global leaders from businesses such as Sprint, SideWalk Labs, Microsoft, and Buttercloth.

Marketers are torn between what the industry dictates and their own experience of digital transformation: 78% identify having a connected data strategy as the most important component of a successful digital transformation, while 69% believe a clear culture transformation strategy is the most underestimated facet

The fifth annual edition of Future Focus lays out practical steps to help marketers make the most of four well-documented macro trends that we believe will shape the consumption landscape and the marketing discipline over the next years.

 Digital transformation… still loading examines the current state of digital transformation and what makes brands successful in the digital economy.

• De-averaging looks into the rise of Diversity & Inclusivity and the personalisation imperative.

• Commerce, redux ponders the growing commerce models, from direct-to-consumer to recommerce and subscriptions. 

• Mobilis in Mobili delves into the increasing connectivity and its implications for client centricity and the marketing practice.

Download your copy now to explore what these trends mean and how to make the most of these business opportunities by preparing today. This year's issue also includes a complimentary copy of Future Focus: The Briefing, a 30-page overview of the most important takeaways, scannable and digestible for today’s marketers on the go.


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