Director - Paid Media

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Job Description

  • Maintain day-to-day client contact for SEM Campaign execution
  • Responsible for understanding client goals and agency deliverables
  • Responsible for contributing ideas to grow the clients business
  • Develops comprehensive agendas for weekly client planning/status meetings
  • Format and prepare weekly search reports for clients. Reports would be in the form of tables, graphs, summaries, and slides, illustrating data graphically and translating complex findings into written text.
  • Tracks, analyses and summarizes program results and progress
  • Provides clients with budget updates
  • Help prepare and research needed materials for client presentations and engagements
  • Conduct research and fact-finding for reports, presentations and articles
  • Set up and provide support on 3-5 search projects of various sizes
  • Perform keyword research and basic analysis
  • Monitor progress of campaigns using various reporting tools
  • Be able to clearly convey and explain search engine best practices to company associates and to clients.
  • Training subordinates with goal to make each member self-efficient and execute independently.

Skills Required:

  • Detail-oriented with effective verbal, written, and visual communication skills for a variety of audiences
  • Enthusiasm for and ability in synthesizing large amounts of information and identifying key findings
  • Team building skills along with deliverables.
  • Logical and analytical approach while interpreting the numbers.